Herbal Consultations

Herbal-Wellness Consultations:

My goal in consultations is to help you understand your body, and assist you in taking charge of your health. I seek to get to the root cause of symptoms, and work with plants to support healing. Consult topics can range from a common cold, to a chronic illness, to a sports injury- or anything else that you may be dealing with!

So- Just what DOES an herbal consultation look like? Well, it looks mostly like a conversation. During our first meeting we will enjoy a cup of tea together while we spend time talking about your symptoms, your health history, lifestyle, and any other concerns you may have. I will ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of listening.

Then, once I have a full understanding of your story, we will discuss different paths to healing that can include herbal preparations, movement, nutritional therapies, and stress reduction strategies. We will decide together what steps to take, then I will teach you how to make the herbal preparations, and you’ll be on your way!

I will follow up our session by email within 24 hours to make sure our course of action is clear, and give you a chance to ask any follow up questions you may have.

$125 per session, and includes one customized herbal preparation.  Sessions typically run 60-90 minutes long, to allow us ample time to create a plan that you feel comfortable with.
Additional herbal preparations are $10 each, though you are welcome to purchase your herbs elsewhere if you prefer. I will give you a list of the herbs we will work with either way.

Cash or check are accepted.

To schedule a consult please email me at clairmmoore@gmail.com or call 530-219-2741.

I have consultation space in both Brookline and Arlington, so please specify which city you’d like to meet in.

Remote consults over Skype are also available.  Please inquire about scheduling and pricing.